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To All those who are willing to help us to care for the HIV/AIDS victims

    Let us enjoy the peace and joy of the Risen Lord.

               May this year be a unique one with more of Peace and Joy.

 As there is an urgent need for each one of us to respond positively and progressively to alleviate the suffering and pain of the infected and affected people, we the sisters of the Chavara Vice Province of the Congregation of the Mother of Carmel, took a step to join the world wide effort of curbing the present menace of HIV/AIDS. That marks the beginning of JOHN PAUL II CARE CENTRE.

We are happy to work as representatives of each one of you, who are implicitly or explicitly involved in this effort. We are sure that the strength and power from above get implemented only through the assurance you give us with your prayers and help. Therefore with much hope and expectation, we present our project proposal for your kind consideration.

At present, John Paul II Care Centre accommodates a few patients, who seek our assistance. A plot of land is sorted out and purchased and building is built in order to make a rehabilitation centre for those who have no one to take care of, in their pain and distress. To give a notion to the HIV/AIDS patients of not being ostracized, we accommodate them, and also those who are affected with cancer, who have psychic disturbances and also the aged ones and the orphans who need our support.

With much hope and expectation of a positive response, we present this project proposal for your kind consideration. Let us join hands in arresting the further spread of HIV/AIDS and alleviate the suffering of the infected and the affected brethren by helping them to lead a life of positive living.

Contributions towards our project could please be sent to:

Bank: South Indian Bank,
Branch: Nagercoil.
Acc.No: 0053 0530 0001 2798,
Account Name: John Paul II Care Centre.
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